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In 1974 I left art school in what can only be described as a state of aesthetic confusion. I'd absorbed so many conflicting layers of information about art and what made good art, bad art or kitsch - that I'd lost the innocence of the creative muse that brought me to image making in the first place. So after graduating, I threw it all away and went to the most simple and direct image-making I could find - black and white cartoons.

My early cartoons were meticulously made with many layers of Chinese ink. Most were given away, and some were used by various of the many underground publications of the time, and never returned. So I only have a few photos of those early images, and they are below, along with a plethora of later images more quickly made - the ones that populated the margins of my journals, creeping in whenever I stopped to think - a vast population of hapless characters who seemed to struggle with the same mysteries as me - the strange experience of being a human organism in a weirdly unpredictable world.  

I've put them all here to give them a place to live. I hope you enjoy them. 

If you would like a signed print of any of these images, perhaps contact me at and we can work out a size and a price. As you will see, the quality of the photos varies, so its all up for negotiation.