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'Sweet Emptiness' - a novel

A burning house in the middle of the mountains connects three people in a strange adventure of love, murder, revenge and renewal.

Oliver Is one of Australia’s most successful artists, but he can no longer paint, and he doesn’t know why. With each passing day his life is becoming ever more chaotic and self-destructive.

Helen is an ex-cop whose forced retirement was untimely. Now obese and suffering from chronic fatigue, she is fast losing hope that her life has anything more to offer.

Lily finds herself in an amnesic fugue – empty of a past and empty of identity. All she remembers is she is an acrobat in a circus which apparently doesn’t exist.

Lily drifts into the lives of Oliver and Helen, becoming Oliver’s muse and lover, and reviving Helen’s damaged heart.

When Lily is found dead, an unlikely friendship develops between Helen and Oliver, as together they head to the mountains to unravel the mystery of who Lily was … and who might have killed her.

“… Wells is prolific and specific and sometimes tells more than some of us want to know, but he keeps us turning those hundreds of pages just to find out what happens …” - The Age.




'LEVIN'S GOD' - a novel.

"LEVIN’S GOD is a classic coming of age story, charting the personal journey of the protagonist, Levin Hoffman, as his life unfolds, from late seventies tram conductor in Melbourne, into lead singer for a successful rock-band, and then onto Thailand for his next chapter.
This book is the re-telling of a spiritual and emotional journey, and it is remarkably open about the characters’ successes, failings and excesses. It is relentless in describing unfolding events, and carries the reader forward, in a seemingly unstoppable narrative. This is a book which is engaging, because the characters are open, and vulnerable, and we care about what happens to them.
Students, artists, musicians were invading the old working class suburbs, often causing disruption and resentment. Gentrification raised rents, and the old sureties were challenged by the arrival of, and the lifestyle choices of, the newcomers. Wells’ book catches that shift in mood, but he wastes no time contemplating the change. His characters are rushing toward their destiny.
Roger Wells is the perfect travel guide. He studied art at RMIT, and after several dead-end jobs, tried his hand in the music scene. After early struggles, he ended up leading the band Little Heroes, which enjoyed considerable success between 1980 and 1984. Although the book is a novel, it is fueled by insider’s knowledge, and the battles and personalities are authentically drawn.
With the wisdom of hindsight, some of the introspective musings, and a sexual encounter or two are overblown. Notwithstanding these moments, and they are few, the writing is sure, the journey is documented, the history of a city in flux is spot-on, and the characters’ trajectory is believable, and engaging.

"An epic novel of the 70s."



Being Still' strips away the confusion that often surrounds meditation, and explains it clearly as a practical life skill.

"Weaving anecdotes, exercises and stories into an easy to read narrative, Roger Wells delivers the knowledge needed to make meditation and mindfulness effective parts of your life.
I have been practicing meditation in one form or another since 1964 and, for a long time, tried everything, read the few books available at the time and wondered where the lavish praises were coming from as they made little sense. Then I stumbled onto Roger's first book, Happy to Burn - a game changer. This pointed me in the direction of meditation taught by the Buddha and preserved in Thailand. That, turned me onto the Buddha himself because Roger's directions not only made sense, but worked when I tried them.

No, meditation won't change the world, but it'll make a great start on enabling YOU to not let the world get you down. I urge you to read Being Still and to see for yourself that simple, authentic directions produce good, reliable, beneficial results." - (reader's review)



Happy To Burn - Practical meditation 

In the West, meditation has usually been associated with notions of retreat, abstinence and calm. But in a modern culture where life burns so furiously, these qualities often prove impossible. 
In 'Happy to Burn' Roger clears away misconceptions about meditation, presenting a common-sense approach to meditation as a life skill that will help change those habits that no longer work for us.