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some past work

Below is a very limited selection from the huge body of work I've completed throughout the decades. Unfortunately, because of constant travelling over the last thirty years, most of what I've done has either been lost, given away, sold, or is in storage. As such, the dates I've given are approximate, and the images on this page are the few I have available to me right now.

Some of these pieces are quite large and the smallest are around A4.

Anyway, the originals of these images are not available for sale - I've included them on this page largely to document what I have available to me right now - to give them a place to be seen together.

The quality of some of these photos varies - but if you would like a giclée  copy of any of these images, you can contact me at and we can work out a size and a price. 

prayer, 2004

pardy on #2, 2005

being a man, 1996

pardy on, 2005

impossible love, 2006

on holidays, 1993

on speed, 1993

king, 1993

long day, 2021

constant travel, 2012

pardy on #3, 2005

next, 1993

Gallery opening, 2004

pride, 2005

dude, 2004

suburban life, 2005

happiness, 2005

on fire, 1993

argument, 2012

happiness #2, 2005

floating, 2005

day out, 2021

man & bird, 2021

Telling it like it is, 2022

you or me, 1993

ambition, 1993

she's got this dog, 1993

honeymoon, 1993

hair guy, 2022

patchwork people, 2022

oops, 2022

this, not that, 1993

Oooh, 2005

finally free, 2012

pardy on #4, 2005

Park Life, 2005

Two birds as one, 2003

you or me #2, 2012

Idiot, 2021

All of these dreams, 2005

Footy, 2005